Asian Development Review - Volume 27, Number 1

Date: June 2010
Type: Serials
Series: Asian Development Review
ISSN: 0116-1105 (print)


In this issue:

  • A Multi-Country Analysis of Achievements and Inequalities in Economic Growth and Standards of Living - Hyun H. Son
  • Workers’ Earnings in the Philippines: Comparing Self-Employment with Wage Employment - Rana Hasan and Karl Robert L. Jandoc
  • Performance and Sustainability of Self-Help Groups in India: A Gender Perspective - Purina Chandra Parida and Anushree Sinha
  • Regional Economic Impacts of Large Projects: A General Equilibrium Application to Cross-Border Infrastructure - Peter Warr, Jayant Menon, and Arief Anshory Yusuf
  • Infrastructure and Trade Facilitation in Asian APEC - Douglas H. Brooks and Susan F. Stone
  • Can Trade with the People’s Republic of China Be an Engine of Growth for Developing Asia? - Donghyun Park and Kwanho Shin