Asian Development Review - Volume 27, Number 2

Date: December 2010
Type: Serials
Series: Asian Development Review
ISSN: 0116-1105 (print)
Price: US$12.00/year (paperback)


In this issue:

  • Closing Development Gaps: Challenges and Policy Options - Douglas H. Brooks, Rana Hasan, Jong-Wha Lee, Hyun H. Son, and Juzhong Zhuang
  • Human Capital Development - Hyun H. Son
  • Asian Regional Income, Growth, and Distribution to 2030 - David Roland-Holst, Guntur Sugiyarto, and Yinshan Loh
  • The Growth Locomotive of the People’s Republic of China: Macro and Terms-of-Trade Impacts on Neighboring Countries - Yinhua Mai, Philip Adams, Peter Dixon, and Jayant Menon
  • Asia’s Post-Global Financial Crisis Adjustment: A Model-Based Dynamic Scenario Analysis - Masahiro Kawai and Fan Zhai