Complaint on an ADB-Supported Project and How It Was Resolved

Publication | April 2011

This publication was prepared by the Office of the Special Project Facilitator, which is part of the Asian Development Bank's Accountability Mechanism and handles complaints from people negatively affected by ADB- financed projects. It tells the true story of a community that was fortunate enough to have a computer-literate citizen living in its village with access to the internet and knowledge of how to use search engines. It illustrates a real complaint case that happened not exactly like this but in a similar way and with the positive outcome described. This publication is meant to encourage villagers to use their rights to complain, although OSPF does not promise that any specific case can be resolved the same way as the one described here.


  • Characters in the Story
  • How it All Started
  • How OSPF's Consultation Process Started
  • Eligibility - What Does It Mean?
  • Comments on the Review and Assessment Report
  • A 1-day Multistakeholder Consultation
  • What did We Achieve?