Complaint Handling in the Rehabilitation of Aceh and Nias

Publication | October 2010

An effective system for complaint handling is a key element of a good development project. This reader presents the experiences and lessons learned in handling complaints under the Asian Development Bank-assisted Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project in Indonesia, and similar initiatives supported by other organizations, in the rehabilitation of Aceh and Nias following the disasters there in December 2004 and March 2005. The book will contribute to capacity building for complaint handling within local governments in Aceh and Nias as well as provide a wider sharing of experiences within governments and nongovernment organizations in Indonesia and beyond. A summary of lessons and recommendations draws together common strands from the 18 papers presented.


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Summary of Lessons and Recommendations
  • Complaint Handling at the Agency for the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of NAD and Nias
  • Capacity Building for Complaint Handling: The OSPF Experience in Aceh
  • Grievance Mechanisms under the Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project
  • The ETESP Grievance Facilitation Unit: Benefits, Challenges, and Lessons Learned
  • Complaint Handling in the ETESP Housing Sector: Experience of the Housing Oversight Consultant's Complaint and Grievance Unit
  • Involving Beneficiaries in Complaint Handling: The German Agro Action Experience in Pante Raja and Simeulue
  • Complaint Management, a Key Element in House Construction and Rehabilitation: The Muslim Aid Experience in Pidie
  • Complaint-Handling Challenges in a Community-Led Project: The UN-HABITAT Experience
  • Community Negotiations and Adat Values: Experience of HELP in Nias Selatan
  • A Complaint- and Grievance-Handling Mechanism in Conflict-Affected and Isolated Villages: The Cordaid Seunuddon Experience
  • Complaint Handling in Community Facilitation: The Bina Swadaya Experience
  • Complaint Handling Involving Project-Affected Persons: Experience in the ETESP Roads and Bridges Sector
  • Role of the Extended Missionin Sumatra in Complaint Handling for the ETESP
  • Complaint Handling under the Multidonor Trust Fund for Aceh and Nias
  • The Community-Based Settlement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project: Complaint-Handling Experience
  • Complaint Handling and Anticorruption Activities in the National Community Empowerment Program for Self-Reliant Rural Villages
  • Handling Complaints Efficiently: Developing a Kecamatan-Based Complaint-Handling Mechanism and Independent Monitoring of Post-Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Projects in Aceh
  • Adat Conflict Resolution: Experience fromRehabilitation and Reconstruction in Aceh and Nias