A Different Kind of Voyage: Development and Dependence in the Pacific Islands

Publication | August 1998

A five-part publication on economic and social development in the Pacific islands, at a time of great change in the world around them and in the islands themselves. This book:

  • sketches the dimensions of distance, scale, variety, and change
  • describes the process of achieving political independence, and some of the external constraints and opportunities that have emerged for the independent Pacific island states in their pursuit of economic growth
  • looks at issues in the management of Pacific island economies, both at the level of the whole economy and in specific sectors, including foreign aid and financial systems
  • discusses some of the social dimensions of the development process, and describes how problems of governance and public sector reform are evolving
  • suggests broad guidelines for economic managers based on experiences of the last two or three decades in the Pacific islands and elsewhere.


  • Outlook for the Voyage: Oceanic Perspective
  • Taking Command: Dimensions of Political Independence
  • Wind in the Sails: the Management of Island Economies
  • Conditions below Decks: Expectations and Realities
  • Stars to Steer by: Sustained Growth and Self-Respect