Ending Asian Deprivations: Compulsions for a Fair, Prosperous and Equitable Asia

Date: August 2013
Type: Books
ISBN: 978-0-415-82866-6 (print), 978-0-203-49697-8 (web)
Editor: Chatterjee, Shiladitya


"Inequality is a rising global challenge, not just an Asian challenge. Humanity needs to respond better to these challenges. This book will help in presenting Asian perspectives on what the future development agenda should emphasize."

— Kishore Mahbubani, Dean and Professor in the Practice of Public Policy of the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Despite Asia’s rapid growth, vast sections of its population still live in poverty and suffer hunger and other forms of deprivation. Merely relying on Asia’s growth will not help the deprived see a better future in their lifetimes. Ways must be found to make growth more inclusive combined with proactive public action to bring substantial improvements in the lives of Asia’s deprived people.

This book, co-published with Routledge, is written by a set of experts who have been working long on reducing various aspects of human deprivations in Asia. It begins with a discussion of the massive dimensions of deprivations that continue to exist in Asia. Although many countries have adopted inclusive growth strategies to enable the benefits of growth to reach the poor, much more needs to be done to make growth processes more broad based and beneficial to all. The book points to essential action needed to bring this about.

The book also emphasizes the crucial role of determined, target driven public action if Asia’s deprived populations are to see substantial improvement in their lives. Practical measures to tackle problems of hunger, unemployment, gender discrimination, ill health, lack of quality basic education, inadequate access to clean water and basic sanitation are each discussed. The problems of the urban poor and migrants who continue to flock to Asia’s cities are also highlighted. The book also emphasizes the need for an appropriate environment for public action to succeed including strong participatory institutions, effective governance, social protection and regional cooperation.


  • Asia's Burden of Human Deprivations
  • Strengthening Inclusive Growth to Reduce Extreme Poverty and Other Social Deprivations
  • Progress Toward the Millennium Development Goals
  • Asia’s Progress in Eliminating Poverty with Special Reference to the People's Republic of China and India
  • Ending Hunger in Asia and the Pacific
  • The Quality of Primary Education
  • Skills and Youth in a Growing Asia
  • Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Asia
  • Ending Health Deprivations
  • Overcoming Challenges in Water and Sanitation in Asia
  • Migration and Slums in Urban Asia
  • Social Safety Nets in Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Enhancing Governance of Public Services Delivery
  • Voice, Participation and Development in Asia
  • Regional Quest for Inclusive Growth
  • Asia's Future Development Agenda
  • Index