Energy for All: Addressing the Energy, Environment, and Poverty Nexus in Asia

Publication | April 2007

The fast-growing economies of Asia and their escalating commercial needs are set to dominate the global energy demand in coming years. At the same time, a substantial proportion of the population in Asia is poor and distinguished by some of the lowest levels of per capita energy use in the world. Meeting Asia's growing needs and providing energy services to the vast number of the poor are major challenges facing the region. Energy use also affects local and global environment, which can intensify with increasing energy consumption in the region. Thus, meeting the energy needs of Asia requires an understanding of the current world energy situation in terms of available resources, their utilization, prospects for meeting future demand, as well as the energy, environment and poverty linkages. The publication discusses the issue of access to energy for all while keeping in view the energy, environment, and poverty linkages. Based on the analysis of these issues, the publication makes suggestions for the future development of the energy sector in Asia.


  • Foreword
  • Overview
  • Introduction
  • Meeting Demand and Fueling Growth
  • Energy, the Common Denominator
  • Prospects for Sustainable Development
  • References