Enhancing Social Protection in Asia and the Pacific

Publication | February 2011

On 21-22 April 2010, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) organized a social protection conference in Manila. Interest in social protection has been growing since the global financial crisis heightened awareness of the many millions of people in Asia and the Pacific who live in poverty or vulnerable situations. Thus, policy makers are now keen to develop social protection systems that can assist people to both leave and stay out of poverty. The conference brought together people from ADB, its developing member countries, partner agencies, research institutes, and civil society organizations to exchange valuable experience and information and discuss ideas on how to develop social protection and expand it for the well-being of people in Asia and the Pacific.

This book features selected papers from the conference that respond to the need for integrated and inclusive social protection to improve the quality of peoples' lives and livelihoods. Specific areas emphasized are health insurance, pensions, the informal sector, measures targeting children, and measuring and monitoring social protection.


  • Foreword
  • Conference Highlights and Executive Summary
  • Part I: Social Protection in Asia and the Pacific
  • Part II: Social Protection Challenges and Needs
  • Part III: Assessment of Pension Reform in Asia and the Pacific
  • Part IV: Health Insurance Initiative
  • Part V: Innovations in Social Assistance
  • Part VI: Child-Sensitive Social Protection
  • Part VII: Microinsurance for the Informal Sector
  • Part VIII: Measuring and Monitoring Social Protection
  • Part IX: Closing and Linking with Recent Experience
  • Appendix 1: Contributors
  • Appendix 2: Presentation and Paper Summaries
  • Appendix 3: Agenda: Regional Conference on Enhancing Social Protection in Asia and the Pacific
  • Appendix 4: Resource Persons and Participants