Fighting Poverty in Asia and the Pacific: The ADB Corporate Brochure

Publication | April 2010

ADB's mission to help developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people is achieved through fostering inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth and regional integration. Efforts are focused on five drivers of change: supporting the private sector, encouraging good governance, promoting gender equality, spreading development knowledge, and forging strong partnerships.

Fighting Poverty in Asia and the Pacific provides an overview of ADB's mission, vision, and operations, as well how ADB has helped people in the region.


  • The Asian Development Bank
  • Strategy 2020: ADB's Long-Term Strategic Framework 2008-2020
  • Fostering Growth that Reaches All
  • Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Growth
  • Helping People Work Together
  • Taking Action Where It's Needed Most
  • Building Sound Human Resources
  • Listening to What Matters
  • ADB Shareholders
  • Looking Ahead