In Focus: Communities of Practice

Publication | April 2011

ADB-hosted communities of practice should be integrated into our operations to improve development results.


A key challenge for development is how to establish special methods for identifying, creating, storing, sharing, and using the kind of knowledge that is often unstated.


As a learning organization, ADB must build communities of practice (CoPs), and leverage them effectively to improve the quality of our operations. To achieve these goals, the value of our CoPs must be continually enhanced through internal and external learning to benefit their members, ADB, and the developing member countries we serve.


ADB will enhance the short- and long-term value of CoPs we host. We will also empower them, so they are better able to upgrade their members' and peers' technical skills, promote the exchange of ideas and good practices, link with relevant sector and thematic networks inside and outside ADB, inform ADB operations, and become drivers of change.