In Focus: Environment Services

Publication | April 2011

ADB helps countries shift to environmentally sustainable growth paths to ensure long-term poverty reduction and improved quality of life.


How can ADB continue to promote environmentally sustainable growth in a region confronted with climate change and the environmental effects of rapid economic growth and pervasive poverty?


ADB's long-term strategic framework for 2008-2020 (Strategy 2020) reaffirms the importance of environmentally sustainable growth to achieve our mission to help countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people.


ADB promotes investments in sound environmental and natural resource management while promoting low-carbon growth and adaptation to climate change. We help countries mainstream environmental considerations into their policies and programs, and strengthen their legal and regulatory frameworks and enforcement capacities. We support regional cooperation on shared environmental public goods, and facilitate knowledge transfer on environmental management and new sustainable technologies. We also require integrating environmental safeguards into our projects.