In Focus: Finance Sector Development

Publication | April 2010

ADB supports financial institution and market infrastructure development, and promotes good governance and the financial system's capability to ensure sustainable private sector-led growth.


Asia and the Pacific's financial system must develop from being a bank-dominant structure into a full-fledged one that improves access to financial services for corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and households, particularly the poor, in the region's growing and diversifying economies. The system also needs to mobilize long-term resources to finance the region's massive infrastructure investment requirements. In doing so, it needs to support the economies' shift from being dependent on exports to being increasingly driven by domestic demand, while enhancing system stability.


ADB will foster development of financial institutions, market infrastructure, and products and services while promoting the effective regulation and supervision, and the efficiency and stability of the financial system. ADB will do so nationally and regionally to help create enabling environments for effective governance, private sector development, poverty reduction, and regional cooperation and integration.