In Focus: Fragile Situations

Publication | April 2011

ADB uses flexible and tailored development approaches for countries faced with unique fragility and conflict challenges.


Institutional weaknesses, economic and social vulnerabilities, and conflict or post-conflict situations often combine to create unique and particularly complex development challenges in some of the poorest, smallest, and most isolated countries in Asia and the Pacific.


Because doing business in countries experiencing stress involves higher operational risk, ADB takes a flexible, long-term approach to delivering aid by developing customized ways of engagement, and prioritizing partnerships and synergies with development partners.


ADB has developed a strategic and operational approach for the needs of weakly performing and post-conflict countries. This approach drives

  • selection of aid instruments;
  • focus and direction of operations;
  • application of business procedures, requirements, and guidelines;
  • responses to the challenges of delivering effective aid; and
  • field presence and operations supervision capacities.