Former Foes Restore War-torn Sri Lankan Infrastructure and Livelihood Together

Publication | July 2013

An ADB grant helped to restore the livelihood of internally displaced peoples. It targeted those most vulnerable from Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Muallaitivu, Mannar, and Vavuniya districts.

This publication gives an overview of how Sri Lanka's internally displaced people worked together to rehabilitate infrastructure and restore livelihood destroyed by 26 years of civil war.


  • Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war—coupled with droughts and floods—destroyed physical and economic infrastructure, resulting in poverty, starvation, and unemployment.
  • Post-conflict emergency assistance focused on rebuilding roads and canals, training people, reestablishing livelihood, and encouraging savings.
  • Tapping internally displaced people for the interventions facilitated their integration into the community, built their financial and livelihood skills, and increased their sense of empowerment.