Highlights of the 2013 Annual Meeting Knowledge Sharing and Partnership Events

Date: June 2013
Type: Brochures and Flyers
ISBN: 978-92-9254-141-5 (print), 978-92-9254-141-5 (web)


The ADB Annual Meeting 2013 theme of ‘Development through Empowerment’ provided an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss various approaches that would foster broad-based benefits and opportunities for all. The knowledge sharing and partnership events program featured distinguished speakers and generated a high level of interest and enthusiasm over a range of development and economic topics.

The meeting gathered nearly five thousand participants, including finance ministers, central bankers, policy makers, business leaders, renowned academics, civil society organizations, and media.


  • ADB Seminar Series
    • Governors’ Seminar: Beyond Factory Asia: Fueling Growth in a Changing World
    • Urban Asia: Financing Livable Cities
    • Towards Developing and Implementing an Integrated Disaster Risk Management in Asia and the Pacific
    • Jobs and Skills in the 21st Century
    • Asia: The Road to Becoming a Knowledge Economy
    • Global Partnership for Addressing Development Challenges in Asia and the Pacific
    • Key Challenges and Policy Implications of Industrial Diversification in Asia
    • ADB Results Framework 2008-2012: How Did We Score?
    • Managing Inflation in an Era of Commodity Price Volatility
    • Delivering Effective Public Services
    • Regional Cooperation and Integration in a Changing World
    • Progress of Myanmar’s Socio-Economic Reform
    • Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia
    • Partnership with Africa and Latin America for Inclusive Growth: Role of Developing Asia
    • Mobilizing Long-Term Financing for Infrastructure
  • Sponsored Events
    • Apps for Asia: Redesigning Development Through Technology
    • Asia Financing Asia: Funding Infrastructure from Within
    • Collaborative Innovation
    • Funding India’s Infrastructure—Opportunities and Challenges
    • Will the Eurozone and US Economies Derail Asia Pacific’s Growth?
    • Financing Universal Health Coverage
    • Sustainable Project Effectiveness and Cost Recovery for Public-Private-Partnership Projects
    • Financial Development in Asia
  • Civil Society Program
  • Host Country Events
    • India Day: Next Wave of Inclusive Growth
    • Innovation for Inclusion
    • Indian Financial Markets: Fueling the Growth of the Indian Economy