Highlights of the 2014 Annual Meeting Knowledge Sharing and Partnership Events

Date: May 2014
Type: Brochures and Flyers


Connectivity was the overarching backdrop of the Annual Meeting, highlighting the importance of trade, transport, economic, and financial linkages in our pursuit of an Asia Pacific region free of poverty. The theme, The Silk Road—Connecting Asia with the Changing World, took a fresh look at Central Asia’s pivotal role in bridging Asia with the global economy.

Nearly 3,000 participants from 102 countries came to Astana, comprising of finance and development ministers, central bankers, policy makers, business and thought leaders, civil society organizations, youth, and media.


  • Letter from The Secretary
  • ADB Seminar Series
    • Governors’ Seminar—Reducing Vulnerability: Learning from Past Crises
    • Leveraging Fiscal Policy for Inclusive Growth
    • Vision to Reality: Making PPPs Work
    • Lessons from Independent Evaluation: Toward Better Development Outcomes in Asia and the Pacific
    • ADB’s Development Effectiveness: A Forward-Looking Perspective from 2013
    • Innovative Asia: Advancing the Knowledge Economy
    • From Eight to Twelve: Moving Beyond the MDGs after 2015
    • Links to Prosperity: Connectivity, Trade, and Growth in Developing Asia
  • Sponsored Seminars
    • The New Silk Road: Weaving Together the Financial Markets of Asia and Europe
    • The New Normal—Asia after QE, a Resurgent US, and a Rebalanced PRC
    • Asia’s Rising Trade and Financial Integration: The Energy Story
    • Can Asia Fulfill its Bond Market Ambitions?—Evaluating Prospects for a “Borderless” Pan-Regional Capital Market
    • ICT in Education: Connecting Central and Western Asia
    • Breaking Free from the Middle Income Country Trap: The Role of SMEs and Innovations in Governance
  • Civil Society Program
    • Learning with Partners
    • Civil Society Panel
    • 2nd Asian Youth Forum
    • Social Media Activities
  • Host Country Events
    • International Investment Conference
    • Kazakhstan 2050: Toward a Modern Society for All
    • First Plenary Session of the II World Anti-Crisis Conference—The Return of Global Growth: New Economic and Institutional Drivers
  • Special Feature
    • CNBC Debate: Asia’s Economic Outlook