Impact Investors in Asia: Characteristics and Preferences for Investing in Social Enterprises in Asia and the Pacific

Publication | November 2011

The aim of the research is to understand the "buy" side of the market for impact investing in Asia and the Pacific. Specifically, this project places emphasis on understanding the scale and scope of capital pools available for impact investment in sustainable social enterprises (SEs) in Asia and the Pacific in the coming years, the interest of investors in utilizing a "social stock exchange" as part of their impact investment strategy in the region and the design features that such a social stock exchange must incorporate in order to attract these impact investors.

The research seeks to understand, "What engages investors in impact investment?"; "What is the current and projected level of interest?"; "What is the need for and appeal of a social stock exchange?"; and "What are the operational requirements for each investor category to participate on a social stock exchange?" - all in the context of Asia and the Pacific region.

This report provides insights to investors keen to invest in the region, financial intermediaries that advise SEs on capital raising, and developers of platforms seeking to connect SEs in the region with impact investors. Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX), an SE based in Singapore, is applying the final outputs of this research as it finalizes the operating features of Asia's first social stock exchange, which it is creating. The outputs of the research will also aid policy makers and institutional actors to better understand and foster an environment for sustainable development through impact investing.


  • Foreword
  • About the Project
  • Executive Summary
  • Project Context
  • Analysis of Findings
  • Recommendations
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