Inclusiveness of Economic Growth in the People's Republic of China: What Do Population Health Outcomes Tell Us?

Publication | January 2007

This paper presents that despite the People's Republic of China's remarkable economic growth, improvements in population health outcomes actually slowed during the reform period. Along with increasing commercialization of the health sector, urban-rural disparities in health have increased, and there are large health inequalities between the rich and the poor. This paper argues that even if the market is to play a major role in health provision in the country, it is imperative that the overnment provide the appropriate regulatory and protective cover so as to ensure that economic growth does not leave a large section of its population behind with regard to key development indicators such as health.


  • Introduction
  • Health Outcomes and Economic Growth: The PRC in a Comparative Perspective
  • Income and Health in the PRC from a Spatial Perspective
  • Assessing Inclusiveness from a Micro Perspective
  • Conclusions
  • References