India-ADB Development Partnership

Publication | October 2013

The India-ADB Development Partnership 2013 report describes key features of ADB's operations in India and how these have evolved to support the Government of India's focus on high, inclusive and sustainable growth.

As of December 2012, ADB had approved 168 sovereign loans amounting to $27.2 billion and 344 technical assistance projects amounting to $258 million on a cumulative basis for India. Today, ADB operations cover over 20 states in India.

While infrastructure projects in the energy, transport, and urban sectors comprise over 75% of ADB's operations in the country, ADB is also engaged in promoting water resources management, agribusiness infrastructure development, financial inclusion, skills development, and regional cooperation and integration. The report provides a compendium of ongoing projects and case studies across ADB's sectors of operations in India. It also highlights the innovative elements of projects and showcases the impact of development assistance on People's lives and livelihoods.


  • Introduction
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Urban
  • Finance and Public Sector Management
  • Agriculture and Natural Resource Management
  • Human Development
  • Regional Cooperation and Integration
  • Private Sector Operations
  • Public-Private Partnerships