Asian Development Bank and India: Fact Sheet

Date: April 2013
Type: Brochures and Flyers
Series: Country Fact Sheets


Updated yearly, this ADB Country Fact Sheet provides social and economic indicators on India as well as concise information on ADB's operations in the country and contact information.

India has been a founding member of ADB since its establishment in 1966. Since the beginning of its lending operations in the country in 1986, ADB has partnered with India in its endeavor to reduce poverty through infrastructure-led growth. Over the years, ADB has aligned its India program with the government’s increasing focus on inclusive and sustainable growth. While continuing its support for infrastructure development in the energy, transport, and urban sectors, ADB is also now engaged in improving water resources management, agribusiness infrastructure development, promoting financial inclusion, and skills development. In line with the government’s Finance Plus approach, ADB has been infusing innovations and regional best practices into project design and implementation.