Juumemmej: Republic of the Marshall Islands Social and Economic Report 2005

Publication | April 2006

Juumemmej 2005 reports on the major social and economic issues that underlie and affect the aspirations of the Marshallese people, paying particular attention to how the Republic of the Marshall Islands can alleviate poverty and hardship among the least fortunate of its citizens.

This report seeks to bring a better understanding of the economic and social policy issues within the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Published under the Pacific Studies Series, Juumemmej provides thought- provoking reading that will stimulate dialogue and cooperation on ways for moving forward, and bring lessons for the Pacific as a whole.


  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Social and Economic Update
  • Chapter 3. The Role of the Public Sector and Reforms
  • Chapter 4. Population
  • Chapter 5. Environment
  • Chapter 6. Basic Services: Education and Health
  • Chapter 7. Private Sector Development
  • Chapter 8. Juumemmej and the Leadership Imperative