Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2008

Date: August 2008
Type: Books
Series: Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific
ISSN: 0116-3000 (print)


The Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2008 is the flagship annual statistical data book of the Asian Development Bank. Key Indicators 2008 features statistical data for 48 regional members of the Asian Development Bank, including Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Purchasing power parity data are included, as are social, financial, external trade, infrastructure, governance, and environment indicators. The book carries nontechnical commentaries on the Millennium Development Goals. For ease of understanding, regional tables are grouped under seven themes (people; economy and output; money, finance, and prices; international flows; infrastructure; government and governance; and energy and environment). Each theme is introduced by a short, nontechnical writeup highlighting some key developments since the 1990s.

This issue features:

  • a special chapter on “Comparing Poverty Across Countries: The Role of Purchasing Power Parities”
  • 17 tables for the Millennium Development Goals
  • 103 regional tables
  • 48 country tables (available on the accompanying CD-ROM) with 18-year time-series data on
    • population
    • price indexes
    • international reserves
    • labor force
    • money and banking
    • exchange rates
    • national accounts
    • government finance
    • external indebtedness
    • production
    • external trade
    • energy
    • balance of payments