Kiribati 1997 Economic Report

Date: January 1998
Type: Serials
Series: Pacific Studies
ISBN: 971-561-166-4 (print)
Price: $10.00


Kiribati comprises tiny islands scattered across a vast area of ocean. It has few natural resources and is located in a challenging environment. This report provides an analysis of the Kiribati economy with particular reference to how the "I-Kiribati" have learned to live within the limited resources available to them. The report highlights the cautious nature of the "I-Kiribati" and their Governments. It shows how this caution has enabled them to build up substantial foreign reserves in the Revenue Equalization Reserve Fund while maintaining their standard of living. It examines the role of the productive sectors in the economy and discusses ways in which the domestic economy could be strengthened. The report is the eighth in a series of reports published by the Bank on the economies of various Pacific island countries.