Lanzhou's Bus Rapid Transit System Brings Quick Relief to Busy City

Date: May 2014
Type: Brochures and Flyers
Series: Knowledge Showcases


This document shows how the bus rapid transit system in Lanzhou, People’s Republic of China, brings quick relief to urban commuters, fosters a livelier local economy, and promotes sustainable development.


  • The City of Lanzhou in the People’s Republic of China wanted to reduce the negative effects of urban sprawl by developing a second city center in the Anning District, one of its four development zones.
  • The city’s expansion plan evolved from urban road network expansion into a sustainable urban transport project, with a bus rapid transit (BRT) system at the center, complemented by support for the Clean Development Mechanism, nonmotorized transport, tree preservation, and traffic and parking management.
  • Since commencing operations, the Lanzhou BRT has improved and promoted mobility, contributing to sustainable transportation, economic growth, and environmental preservation.