Learning for Change in ADB

Date: March 2009
Type: Reports
ISBN: 978-971-561-781-9 (print)


The rapidly changing–and, at times, excessively complex–nature of development work demands diverse competences from aid agencies such as the Asian Development Bank. The learning challenges these present require the ability to work more reflectively in a turbulent practice environment.

This publication broadly defines a learning organization as a collective undertaking, rooted in action, that builds and improves its own practice by consciously and continually devising and developing the means to draw learning from its own (and others') experience. It identifies the 10 challenges that ADB must overcome to develop as a learning organization and specifies practicable next steps to conquer each. It can help deliver the increased development effectiveness that Strategy 2020, ADB's long-term strategic framework for 2008-2020, seeks.

Readers' Comments


"We have been following with interest some of the publications by your department (e.g., Building a Learning Organization), because they fit conceptually very well with the efforts of an endeavor my colleagues and I are presently bringing forward.... It is clear to me that the pursuits of the Asian Development Bank are similar to those of IF.EBD.CER in terms of the betterment of peoples who seek a better life condition and situation through education and knowledge transfer."
— UCLA, United States

"I have already downloaded a copy of this publication from your website, but would also like to obtain a print copy of "Learning for Change in ADB". This is a REALLY fantastic piece of work—a blueprint for change."
— Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Australia


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Learning in Organizations
  • Building a Learning Organization
  • Learning from Evaluation
  • A Learning Charter for ADB
  • Appendixes