MARC Records for Libraries

ADB provides libraries with Machine Readable Cataloguing (MARC) records of its publications. This is a free of charge service.

Revised and updated MARC records to include all new books, reports and papers are made available quarterly.

Machine Readable Cataloguing (MARC) is a digital standard developed by the Library of Congress to facilitate the creation and dissemination of catalog records between libraries. Through this service, librarians can easily add cataloging data about ADB publications to their library systems, minimizing efforts related to technical processing and improving turnaround times for incorporating new ADB publications into circulation.

This new service will be available both as compressed MARC files and as a MarcXML feed. While both formats contain the same data, MARC files can be individually imported, while the feed provides a more convenient way to add publications in bulk. Libraries should choose the format more appropriate to their workflows.

To take advantage of these features, libraries must make use of an integrated library system that adheres to the MARC 21 standard, and can decode MRC files or MarcXML feeds. Most modern library systems already adhere to the standard. To check if your system can accept MARC records, please refer to the list maintained by the Library of Congress ( or inquire with your software vendor.

Sign up to receive email alerts when new MARC records are uploaded. At the beginning of each calendar quarter, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the new records.

Complete MARC records files for ADB publications can be downloaded from this page at any time.

If you have any questions or comments regarding MARC records for ADB publications, please contact the ADB Webmaster.

File / Feed Type Date Published
All Publications in Compressed MRC Files 21 July 2014
All Publications in XML Feed 21 July 2014
Q2 2014 Publications Compressed MRC Files 21 July 2014
Q2 2014 Publications XML Feed 21 July 2014
Q1 2014 Publications Compressed MRC Files 21 July 2014
Q1 2014 Publications XML Feed 21 July 2014
Q4 2013 Publications Compressed MRC Files 3 January 2013
Q4 2013 Publications XML Feed 3 January 2013