Maximizing Access to Energy for the Poor in Developing Asia


Despite years of sustained economic growth and enormous technological progress, energy poverty in the Asia and Pacific region remains at unacceptably high levels. Addressing energy poverty is an ADB priority. This publication highlights recent and ongoing projects which contribute towards that goal, through focused efforts and innovative solutions aim to bring the benefits of access to modern energy to all.

What ADB is doing

ADB’s support for increased access to energy is guaranteed. In the future, ADB is looking to broaden the support it gives, not only financially, but also by identifying innovative solutions, sharing knowledge with partner development institutions, national governments and with the private sector as well.

The next phase of the fight against energy poverty will tap into the power of the private sector, ADB aims to help entrepreneurs craft business models that are affordable and appropriate for a market of billions looking for reliable, affordable energy. In light of the increased global focus on energy poverty, ADB will maintain its leadership role in Asia and the Pacific region, and channel this new support into real gains on the ground.