Monetization in an Atoll Society: Managing Economic and Social Change in Kiribati

Publication | December 2002

This report analyzes the economic situation in Kiribati in detail, describes various sector performances, and identifies development opportunities, constraints, and policy options. Especially, the role of the government in development is critically analyzed and concrete policy responses for potential incorporation in the Government's development strategies to improve this are suggested.


  • Focusing Strategic Concerns
    • Chapter 1: Evolution of the Monetary Economy
    • Chapter 2: Key Result Areas, Issues, and Proposed Responses
  • Economic and Social Conditions
    • Chapter 3: Economic Activity, Population and Social Dimensions
    • Chapter 4: Improving Private Sector Performance
    • Chapter 5: Making Room for the Private Sector
    • Chapter 6: Facing the Future: Education, Training, and Employment
    • Chapter 7: Better Health for More People: Self-help and Outreach in Health Services