Asian Development Bank and Mongolia: Fact Sheet

Publication | April 2015

Updated yearly, this ADB Fact Sheet provides social and economic indicators on Mongolia as well as concise information on ADB's operations in the country and contact information.

Since 1991, Mongolia has received $1.6 billion in total resources, consisting of 56 Asian Development Fund (ADF) and ordinary capital resources (OCR) sovereign loans totaling $1.2 billion, 4 nonsovereign loans for $94.5 million, 12 ADF and 24 grants from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction and other sources for $218.4 million, and 184 technical assistance projects for $110.9 million. The current portfolio, as of 31 December 2014, consists of 18 loans ($544 million), 9 ADF grants ($129 million), and 30 technical assistance projects ($25 million).