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Mongolia: A Partnership Against Poverty

Publication | November 2010
Mongolia: A Partnership Against Poverty

ADB was one of the first international finance organizations to enter Mongolia when it embraced democracy in the early 1990s, and it is credited with being one of the pioneering development organizations that helped the country through this difficult transition. Today it is by far Mongolia's largest multilateral partner, with an ongoing loan and grant portfolio of more than $300 million. The recent country assistance program evaluation report on ADB's assistance in Mongolia rated the institution's work as successful. ADB's strategy in Mongolia is centered on policy and institutional reforms, as well as building local capacity. ADB's work will also focus on helping the government mobilize and wisely invest its resources, which are expected to be substantial as the mining industry develops. Specifically, ADB seeks to support inclusive social development through competitive, sustainable, and regionally integrated growth that is closely aligned with the country's National Development Strategy. ADB plans to be particularly active in promoting good government policies.


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