A New Vision for the Health Sector in Tonga

Date: December 2008
Type: Reports
Series: Capacity Development Series
ISBN: 978-971-561-705-5 (print)


Problems facing Tonga’s health care system intensified in the 1990s leading eventually to a decision by the government to address the ”core problem” - the Ministry of Health’s planning, management, and coordination capacity. This case explores how attempts to enhance MoH’s organizational capacity, and improve its organizational culture, were aided by: consistent and strategic leadership and political support, participatory approaches, a clear sense of the capacity challenges, and the facilitative role played by AusAID. The paper describes it as a process of “developing Tongan solutions to Tongan problems”.


  • Foreword
  • Kingdom of Tonga Facts 
  • Background 
  • The Reforms: Rethinking Tonga's Health 
  • Analysis: Key Issues and Emerging Lessons