News from Nepal: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Nepal Resident Mission of the Asian Development Bank (May 2013)

Date: May 2013
Type: Serials
Series: News from Nepal


Despite its fluctuating growth over the years, the agriculture sector has remained Nepal’s economic mainstay, providing livelihoods to 74% of the population and contributing 35% of the gross domestic product. Asian Development Bank (ADB) is recognized as a lead development partner in agriculture and natural resources (ANR) in Nepal, with its assistance strategy and programs aimed at raising agriculture productivity and incomes to address poverty and inequality. ADB’s ANR strategy seeks to improve agricultural productivity through the development key infrastructure facilities such as irrigation and rural roads, and commercializing the sector by promoting high value crops. This issue of NRM newsletter focuses on ADB’s assistance in the ANR sector in recent times.


  • Agriculture Development Strategy
  • Gender and Social Inclusion in Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Impact Story: Nepal's Farmers Join Forces for a Better Future (Commercial Agriculture Development Project)
  • Project Brief: Community Managed Irrigated Agriculture Sector Project
  • List of Loans and Grants
  • NRM Events