News from Nepal: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Nepal Resident Mission of the Asian Development Bank (May 2014)

Date: May 2014
Type: Serials
Series: News from Nepal


Nepal government focuses on improving the quality of life of its people and achieving higher and socially inclusive economic growth in key regional centers. It has given high priority to improving access to water and sanitation services, introducing sewerage systems in urban areas and emerging towns, upgrading of urban transport management, and developing overall urban environment.

In this issue of News from Nepal, it highlights the assistance the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has extended to the government in order to achieve its priorities. ADB projects have focused on improving urban infrastructure and service delivery, including water supply and sanitation, urban transport, and integrated urban development. ADB also helps address the relatively slow progress in achieving some of the Millennium Development Goals relating to hygiene and sanitation.

Between 2010 and 2012, ADB initiatives helped provide 2.7 million people with access to clean water supply, install sewer lines and establish waste water treatment facilities to treat over 7,000 cubic meters of waste-water per day.


  • ADB in Nepal's Water Supply and Other Municipal Infrastructure and Services Sector
  • Project Brief: Kathmandu Sustainabile Urban Transport Project
  • Project Update: ADB Provides Additional $25 Million to Complete Melamchi Tunnel
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Urban Infrastructure Projects
  • Impact Story: Local Action Shows Results
  • Solid Waste Management in Nepal
  • Community Development Programs
  • ADB Supports GIS-based Municipal Information System for Improved Urban Planning
  • List of Loans and Grants
  • NRM Events