How to Order ADB Books, Papers, and Reports

Hard copies of ADB books, papers, and reports are available through our distributor network or directly from ADB headquarters. To purchase ADB books, papers, and reports in your local currency, please contact an ADB publication distributor near you. To order directly from ADB headquarters, please fill out the form below.

For copyright permission requests, please use the copyright form.

For inquiries regarding ADB publications, please send us an email.

For a list of ADB's recent publications, check out the semi-annual Publications Catalog.


We accept payment by check/draft or bank transfer. Please note that corresponding shipping/delivery charges may be applied, and orders will only be shipped/delivered after valid payment is received.

Checks/drafts should be in US dollar payable to ADB PIC. Prices exclude shipping cost.

Bank transfer should be made to
Citibank, 111 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, USA
Swift Address CITIUS33, Fed ABA no. 021000089
in favor of ADB Administrative Exp. Acct. No. 36205905

Please avoid P.O. Box numbers