The People's Republic of China and India: Commercial Policies in the Giants

Date: June 2011
Type: Papers and Briefs
Series: Regional Economic Integration Working Papers
Author: Wignaraja, Ganeshan


This paper compares the experience of commercial policies in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and India over the last forty years. Using recent data, it highlights the rise of the PRC and India on world markets and the roles of initial conditions and commercial policies. It also explores new challenges in the post-global financial crisis era and suggests that future world market success will depend on the nature of the giants' responses.


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Initial Conditions and Trade Performance
  • Shifting Commercial Policies and Exports
  • Pursuit of Free Trade Agreement-Led Regionalism
  • Emerging Challenges since the Global Financial Crisis
  • Conclusion
  • References