Philippines: A New Horizon for One of Asia's Most Promising Nations

Publication | June 2012

Since its creation in 1966, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been one of the key development partners of the Philippines. From 1969 to 2010, ADB approved loans amounting to $12.4 billion for the Philippines, of which almost 80% financed projects in agriculture and natural resources, energy, finance, public sector management, and transport and information and communication technology. ADB's operational strategy has emphasized social and environmental concerns, balanced regional development, and poverty reduction. In the coming years, its key objective will be to support high, inclusive, and sustainable growth in the country, with assistance focusing on infrastructure, environment, and education.

This country brief summarizes how the partnership of the Asian Development Bank and the Government of the Philippines has been instrumental to the development of the country.


  • Philippines Development Indicators
  • The Philippines and ADB: Strong Partners from the Beginning
  • Achieving Development Goals and Poverty Reduction
  • Improving Operational Effectiveness and Services
  • Future Challenges and Goals