Poverty in the People's Republic of China: Recent Developments and Scope for Bank Assistance

Publication | November 1992

The purpose of this paper is threefold. First, the paper describes the current poverty situation in the PRC and discusses the policies of the Government that have contributed to poverty alleviation. Second, it identifies poverty issues to be addressed and presents a broad overview of the Government's policies and strategy to address the same.


  • Introduction
  • Rural Poverty in the PRC: Current Situation and Some Policy Developments
    • Estimated of the Incidence of Rural Poverty
    • Poverty Incidence: Some Results and Implications
  • Issues in Poverty
    • Need for Better Linkages
    • Macroeconomic Issues
    • Financial Sector Reforms and Poverty Reduction
    • Rural Technology Development and Poverty Alleviation
    • Inequality in Income Distribution and Relative Poverty
    • Demographic Trends, Economic Transformation and Implications of Social Security Safety Nets
    • Sustainability of Achievements in Poverty Reduction
    • Urban-Rural Migration and Rural Poverty
  • Scope for Bank Assistance for Poverty Alleviation in the PRC
  • Conclusion