Project Gender Action Plans: Lessons for Achieving Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction Results

Date: April 2009
Type: Brochures and Flyers


This briefing note summarizes evidence on effective approaches used by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for achieving benefits for women and progress towards gender equality. The findings are based on gender assessments of 12 loans in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, and Pakistan and including five rural development loans (agriculture, rural infrastructure, and livestock), four human development and/or social sector loans (two health and two education), and three governance loans.


  • Introduction
  • Gender Action Plans Help Achieve Practical Benefits and Strategic Changes in Gender Relations
  • Gender Action Plans Help Reduce Vulnerability to Poverty
  • Gender Action Plans Enhance the Sustainability of Benefits
  • The Role of Gender Specialists in Resident Missions
  • Dialogue with Executing Agencies is Essential
  • GAPs and Project Design and Monitoring Frameworks (DMFs)
  • Guidelines for Incorporating Gender in Reports and Recommendations of the President (RRPs)