The Provincial Performance Improvement Initiative

Publication | December 2008

The Provincial Performance Improvement Initiative (PPII) is a Papua New Guinean (PNG) Government undertaking that seeks to improve public administration at the subnational level. The case study describes how PPII has benefited from "enthusiastic leadership" and a high level of PNG ownership. The initiative has also built on a systematic diagnosis of capacity issues, with PNG stakeholders playing a central role in both the diagnosis and in the subsequent preparation of capacity development plans for participating provinces. This AusAID-funded initiative has a projected time frame of 15-20 years with a design that recognizes the need to proceed at a pace consistent with the capabilities and absorptive capacity of participating provinces and districts.


  • Foreword
  • Papua New Guinea Facts
  • Background
  • About the Case Study: Guiding Principles of Capacity Development
  • Capacity Development Results to Date
  • Summary