Rising from the Rubble: Reconstruction and Rehabilitation After the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake

Publication | July 2011

26 January 2001, India’s 51st Republic Day, took on a different significance as a massive earthquake struck the state of Gujarat. The 6.9-magnitude earthquake was  the worst to hit the state in the last half century.


  • In January 2001, the state of Gujarat in India experienced the worst earthquake to hit the state in the last 50 years. Destruction was massive and widespread.
  • Knowing that post-disaster assistance must come swiftly, focused on restoring facilities and services, and should be matched by equally quick action by the affected government, ADB formulated and approved the Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project in less than 2 months. The project harnessed the energies of 19 Gujarat agencies.
  • Establishing a consultative system for defining priorities and focusing on the results it yields will ensure that the most urgent and requisite actions take place as needed