Republic of Marshall Islands: Meto 2000 Economic Report and Statement of Development Strategies

Date: April 2001
Type: Serials
Series: Pacific Studies
ISBN: 971-561-381-0 (print)


To serve the needs of the people of the Marshall Islands, this report looks not only at the different elements of the economy, but also at cultural, historical and external influences on economic behavior. It reflects a consensus in the community about the country's economic performance and prospects. It also presents what needs to be done to turn Marshall Islands' potential for sound economic growth into reality, and how this may best be organized and implemented.


  • Understanding the RMI Economy
  • Economic Performance
  • The Public Service
  • Population and Health
  • Education and Training
  • Financial System
  • Transport, Communications and Utilities
  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism
  • Development Strategies