Road Sector Investment Planning in the Pacific: An Example of Good Practice: Timor-Leste

Publication | July 2007

road sector planning and improvement in AdB's pacific developing member countries (dmcs) is a complex process of institutional reform, capacity development, and a host of other activities. this knowledge product examines the lessons learned from timor-leste road sector planning in the context of poverty reduction and sustainable development. AdB's experience in timor-leste provides practitioners with pragmatic analytical tools and methods to develop necessary short-, medium-, and long-term road network plans, maintenance plans, and institutional strengthening. these tools, when properly applied, will enable AdB to assist the lesser-developed and pacific region dmcs manage a road sector that is better able to promote development and reduce poverty. While this paper focuses on the planning process of the road network itself, health and competition in the transport services industry are equally important so that the benefits of the improved road network are shared among all segments of the society.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Overall Methodology
  • Country Context
  • Analysis of the Road Environment
  • Design Road Investment Program
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References