The Role of USPNet in Capacity Development in the South Pacific Region

Publication | December 2008

The University of the South Pacific has changed its delivery systems for teaching and learning over the years to serve the growing needs for tertiary education of students living on the small and remote islands in the Pacific Ocean.

This case study examines how the university has relied on its communications technology system (USPNet) to enhance its role as a regional capacity development centre for students, public and private institutions, and civil society in the region. The case offers interesting insights on the opportunities and challenges associated with relying on regional institutions to address capacity issues while also drawing attention to some of the capacities which are particularly important to the effective functioning of networks.


  • Foreword
  • Prologue
  • Introduction
  • Development of USPNet
  • USPNet 2006 Upgrade
  • Role of USPNet in Supporting Capacity Development in Pacific
  • The Future of Capacity Building through Distance and Flexible Learning
  • Lessons from the USPNet Experience
  • Future Plans
  • References