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This Asian Development Bank–Japan Scholarship Program publication for Mongolia contains general information about the program, as well as success stories of some Mongolian ADB–JSP scholars and alumni.

ADB's Fall 2014 catalog lists books, reports, and guides recently produced by ADB in the course of its work in development and poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific. These cover topics such as agriculture, food security, education, energy, environment, financial sector, and gender equality.

This publication assesses major trends, strengths, and issues in the technical and vocational education and training subsector in Viet Nam.

In this report, a streamlined urban metabolism approach based on material flow analyses was applied to six Asian cities—Bangalore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Seoul and Shanghai.

Bhutan has made impressive gains in social, economic, and political development over the years. Its unique approach to progress, expressed in the philosophy of Gross National Happiness, demonstrates the country's commitment to a model of development going beyond mere economic growth.

This report explains how information and communication technology applications in the Asian Development Bank’s development projects in South Asia helped improve governance in the region while highlighting the key lessons learned from these projects.

This issue features trade implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Asian countries, lessons on trilemma policies, wage differentials in Malaysian manufacturing, foreign direct investment in the People’s Republic of China’s and its outward investment, global production sharing in Thai manufacturing, and Afghanistan’s balancing social and security spending.

The annual Asian Development Outlook, generally launched in April, presents an analysis of developing Asia’s recent economic performance plus its prospects for the next 2 years. This Update shows whether these forecasts were met, explaining divergence between forecasts and the actual outturn, and firms the forecasts for the next 18 months or so.

This paper examines the effect of quantitative easing (QE) on capital flows and scrutinizes factors that influence the effect of QE tapering on financial instability.

This brochure provides basic information about the International Public Asset Management Company Forum (IPAF).