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This paper studies the behavior of business cycles in Asia.

This paper attempts to measure the fiscal flexibility of the economies in the Asia and Pacific region using a composite fiscal flexibility index.

This paper examines the constraints faced by Nepal in participating in regional and global value chains.

This report summarizes results of the workshop “Sustainable Vocational Training toward Industrial Upgrading and Economic Transformation” held on 2-5 December 2013 in Beijing and Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China.

Three case studies in this paper illustrate some of the secondary consequences of the search for energy security and its relationship to regional trade and cooperation.

This paper examines how monthly wages are distributed between male and female workers in Indonesia.

This Asian Development Bank–Japan Scholarship Program publication for Mongolia contains general information about the program, as well as success stories of some Mongolian ADB–JSP scholars and alumni.

This study uses a new farm investment climate assessment survey to identify key areas that are important for increasing Cambodia’s rice production and commercialization of small farms.

What defines urban poverty and how is urban poverty being measured? What other factors beyond consumption poverty need to be tackled? Who are the urban poor? What relations exist between urban poverty and city size? 

ADB's Fall 2014 catalog lists books, reports, and guides recently produced by ADB in the course of its work in development and poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific. These cover topics such as agriculture, food security, education, energy, environment, financial sector, and gender equality.