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  • January 1997

    Federated States of Micronesia 1996 Economic Report

    This report provides a comprehensive analysis of current economic and fiscal development in the Federated States of Micronesia and of its reliance on external funding under the Compact of Free Association with the United States of America. The report focuses on the impact of the step down in funding this financial year and the possible end of such funding in 2001. Seventh in a series of studies published by ADB to help generate a better understanding of economic developments in the Pacific region.
  • January 1996

    Fiji Agriculture Sector Review: A Strategy for Growth and Diversification

    This book is part of ADB's Pacific studies series and reviews the performance of Fiji's agriculture sector over the past decade. It suggests a new strategy for growth and diversification in light of recent trade developments, giving the private sector a bigger role. The printed version of this publication is out of print. Please contact the Publications Unit for more information.
  • January 1996

    Tonga: Economic Performance and Selected Development Issues

    The study provides an update of macroeconomic, industrial, and trade issues in the South Pacific island nation of Tonga. It also provides a detailed assessment of trade investment incentives, and a review and evaluation of financial planning and resource management in the health sector.
  • January 1996

    Strategy for the Pacific: Policies and Programs for Sustained Growth

    This paper sets out the strategy for ADB operations in the Pacific region and is being published to help generate a better understanding of the role it plays in the Pacific.
  • January 1996

    Sociocultural Issues and Economic Development in the Pacific Islands

    Pacific island countries are generally high-cost economies. Wages are well in excess of productivity; at the same time, the purchasing power of wages in the Pacific is low, reflecting the impact of transport costs and small markets.
  • January 1995

    Human Resource Development: Small Pacific Island Countries

    The book is designed to provide a basis for discussion between governments and donor community on policies, plans, and programs for human resource development in small Pacific island countries. It raises critical issues and proposes possible strategies and interventions requiring further consideration by governments. A special chapter discusses the women-in-development situation in selected Pacific countries.