Development Effectiveness Country Briefs

The Development Effectiveness Country Briefs present how ADB's operations help improve people's lives in developing member countries and the challenges ADB and the countries face in pursuing agreed development goals. They complement the annual Development Effectiveness Review in reporting on ADB's performance using the ADB Results Framework indicators. The Development Effectiveness Review reports on corporate performance while the briefs focus on country-level performance.

  • December 2014

    India: Development Effectiveness Brief

    The publication captures the core of ADB's operations in India and showcases select ADB interventions that are helping the government achieve its development goals.
  • July 2014

    Nepal: Development Effectiveness Brief 2014

    This publication records the impacts of ADB-assisted projects in Nepal’s inclusive development process from 2010- 2012. ADB has provided assistance in several sectors including agriculture and natural resources, transportation and information and communication technology, energy, water and sanitation, urban development, education, finance and governance.
  • December 2013

    Bhutan: Making Progress on the Path to Prosperity

    This country brief highlights how ADB operations have helped support Bhutan’s efforts in advancing socioeconomic development.
  • December 2013

    Bangladesh: Development Effectiveness Brief 2014

    Bangladesh has made impressive socioeconomic gains with a steady rise in its gross domestic product, a decrease in overall rates of poverty, boost in social development, and steady movement toward achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • October 2013

    Cook Islands: Investing in a Sustainable Future

    This country brief highlights how ADB operations have helped the Cook Islands weather cyclones and fiscal crises, and contribute to stable economic and social infrastructure.
  • October 2013

    Tajikistan: 15 Years of Partnership with the Asian Development Bank

    ADB welcomed Tajikistan as a member in 1998. During 15 years of partnership with the country, ADB has helped improve the welfare of the Tajik people. The partnership has promoted social development, restored or built new infrastructure, expanded agriculture production, and encouraged regional cooperation and trade.
  • March 2013

    The Kyrgyz Republic: Building a Brighter Future in the Heart of Central Asia

    This development effectiveness brief presents how ADB's operations in the Kyrgyz Republic help improve people's lives in the country and the challenges ADB and the country face in pursuing agreed development goals.
  • January 2013

    Maldives and ADB: Linking Islands

    This development effectiveness brief presents how ADB's operations in the Maldives has helped it progress from the United Nations’ Least Developed Country designation to Middle Income Country status as of January 2011. It also presents the future challenges ADB and its partners face in pursuing agreed development goals in the country.
  • June 2012

    Philippines: A New Horizon for One of Asia's Most Promising Nations

    Since its creation in 1966, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been one of the key development partners of the Philippines. From 1969 to 2010, ADB approved loans amounting to $12.4 billion for the Philippines, of which almost 80% financed projects in agriculture and natural resources, energy, finance, public sector management, and transport and information and communication technology. ADB's operational strategy has emphasized social and environmental concerns, balanced regional development, and poverty reduction.
  • June 2012

    Indonesia: Reforms for Resilient Growth

    Indonesia was a founding member of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 1966 and since then it has received $27 billion in loans, $307 million in grants, and $342 million in technical assistance.