Economic Staff Papers

Title Date
Poverty Line: Eight Countries' Experiences and the Issue of Specificity and Consistency February 2001
Poverty and Inequality in Indonesia Estimates, Decomposition, and Key Issues December 2000
Social Consequences of the Financial Crisis in Asia November 1999
The Asian Crisis: An Alternate View July 1999
Economic Analysis of Health Sector Projects - A Review of Issues, Methods, and Approaches March 1999
Urban-Rural Differences in Costs of Living and their Impact on Poverty Measures February 1999
Challenges for Asia's Trade and Environment January 1998
Aspects of Urban Water and Sanitation in the Context of Rapid Urbanization in Developing Asia September 1997
The Emerging Global Trading Environment and Developing Asia July 1996
Growth Triangles: Conceptual Issues and Operational Problems February 1994
The Economic Benefits of Potable Water Supply Projects to Households in Developing Countries January 1994
The Role of the State in Economic Development: Theory, the East Asian Experience, and the Malaysian Case December 1993
The Gender and Poverty Nexus: Issues and Policies November 1993
External Finance and the Role of Multilateral Financial Institutions in South Asia: Changing Patterns, Prospects and Challenges November 1991
Economic Analysis of Investment in Power Systems June 1991
The Completion of the Single European Community Market in 1992: A Tentative Assessment of its Impact on Asian Developing Countries June 1991
Designing Strategies and Policies for Managing Structural Change in Asia June 1990
Industrial Technology Capabilities and Policies in Selected Asian Developing Countries (With Particular Emphasis on Transferred Technology) March 1990