Economics Working Papers

The ADB Economics Working Paper Series is a forum for stimulating discussion and eliciting feedback on ongoing and recently completed research and policy studies undertaken by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) staff, consultants, or resource persons. The series deals with key economic and development problems, particularly those facing the Asia and Pacific region; as well as conceptual, analytical, or methodological issues relating to project/program economic analysis, and statistical data and measurement. The series aims to enhance the knowledge on Asia’s development and policy challenges; strengthen analytical rigor and quality of ADB’s country partnership strategies, and its subregional and country operations; and improve the quality and availability of statistical data and development indicators for monitoring development effectiveness.

The ADB Economics Working Paper Series is a quick-disseminating, informal publication whose titles could subsequently be revised for publication as articles in professional journals or chapters in books. The series is maintained by the Economics and Research Department.

Title Date
Ex-ante Impact Evaluation of Conditional Cash Transfer Program on School Attendance and Poverty: The Case of the Philippines December 2008
Asian Holdings of US Treasury Securities: Trade Integration as a Threshold December 2008
Rethinking the Growth Diagnostics Approach: Questions from the Practitioners November 2008
Asian Migration Prospects: 2007-2012 November 2008
Foreign Direct Investment, Innovation, and Exports: Firm-Level Evidence from People's Republic of China, Thailand, and Philippines November 2008
Gender Differences in Remittance Behavior: Evidence from Viet Nam November 2008
Effects of Hub-and-Spoke Free Trade Agreements on Trade: Panel Data Analysis October 2008
Extra-EU Imports of Clothing and EU Preferential Trade Policies in the Post-Quota Era: The Position of Asian Suppliers in the Largest World Market for Clothing Imports October 2008
Capital Outflows, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Domestic Financial Instability in Developing Asia October 2008
Remittances and the Brain Drain: Skilled Migrants Do Remit Less! October 2008
Market-Based Approaches for Managing the Asian Environment: A Review October 2008
Economics of Energy Conservation: A Case Study October 2008
Causes of High Food Prices October 2008
Prospects of an ASEAN-People's Republic of China Free Trade Area: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis October 2008
Globalization, Erosion of Tax Base, and the Revenue Potential of Developing Asia's Foreign Exchange Reserve Build-Up September 2008
Inflation in Developing Asia: Demand-Pull or Cost-Push? September 2008
Dealing with the Proliferation of Bilateral Trade Agreements: Consolidation, Multilateralization, Harmonization, or Dilution? September 2008
What Constrains Indian Manufacturing? August 2008
Explaining Growth and Inequality in Factor Income: The Philippines Case August 2008
Productivity and Employment in a Developing Country: Evidence from Republic of Korea June 2008