Economics Working Papers

The ADB Economics Working Paper Series is a forum for stimulating discussion and eliciting feedback on ongoing and recently completed research and policy studies undertaken by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) staff, consultants, or resource persons. The series deals with key economic and development problems, particularly those facing the Asia and Pacific region; as well as conceptual, analytical, or methodological issues relating to project/program economic analysis, and statistical data and measurement. The series aims to enhance the knowledge on Asia’s development and policy challenges; strengthen analytical rigor and quality of ADB’s country partnership strategies, and its subregional and country operations; and improve the quality and availability of statistical data and development indicators for monitoring development effectiveness.

The ADB Economics Working Paper Series is a quick-disseminating, informal publication whose titles could subsequently be revised for publication as articles in professional journals or chapters in books. The series is maintained by the Economics and Research Department.

Title Date
Productivity and Employment in a Developing Country: Evidence from Republic of Korea June 2008
The Growth Penalty of High Government Pay Rates June 2008
Accounting for Inequality in India: Evidence from Household Expenditures June 2008
Do Minimum Wages Reduce Employment and Training? May 2008
Price Dynamics in the US Market for Apparel Imports: Impact of Quota Elimination under the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing and Safeguard Restrictions on the People's Republic of China May 2008
Has Inflation Hurt the Poor? Regional Analysis in the Philippines May 2008
Privatization Revisited: Lessons from Private Sector Participation in Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries May 2008
Asian Textile and Apparel Trade: Moving forward with Regional Integration January 2008
A Note on Competitiveness and Structural Transformation in Pakistan December 2007
Determinants of Export Performance in East and Southeast Asia November 2007
Occupational Segregation and Gender Discrimination in Labor Markets: Thailand and Viet Nam November 2007
Beyond Liquidity: New Uses for Developing Asia's Foreign Exchange Reserves November 2007
Sectoral Engines of Growth in Developing Asia: Stylized Facts and Implications November 2007
Incidence, Intensity, and Correlates of Catastrophic Out-of-Pocket Health Payments in India October 2007
Could Imports be Beneficial for Economic Growth? Some Evidence from Republic of Korea October 2007
An Empirical Analysis of East Asia's Pre-crisis Daily Exchange Rates October 2007
Efficient Technology and the Conservation of Natural Forests: Evidence from Sri Lanka October 2007
Benchmarking Developing Asia's Manufacturing Sector September 2007
Time Preference and Natural Resource Use by Local Communities: The Case of Sinharaja Forest in Sri Lanka August 2007
Flood Insurance as a Flood Management Tool: An Economic Perspective August 2007