EDRC Occasional Papers

Title Date
Occupational Segregation and the Gender Earnings Gap December 1999
The Millennium Round and the Asian Economies: An Introduction November 1999
Surges and Volatility of Private Capital Flows to Asian Developing Countries: Implications for Multilateral Development Banks December 1998
Tax Reforms in Viet Nam: A Selective Analysis December 1998
Adjustment and Distribution: The Indian Experience June 1998
A New Approach to Setting the Future Transport Agenda June 1998
The Rural-Urban Transition in Viet Nam: Some Selected Issues October 1997
Private Investment and Macroeconomic Environment in the South Pacific Island Countries: A Cross-Country Analysis October 1996
Growth, Structural Change and Optimal Poverty Interventions November 1995
Managing Development through Institution Building October 1995
Demographic and Socioeconomic Determinants of Contraceptive Use among Urban Women in the Melanesian Countries in the South Pacific: A Case Study of Port Vila Town in Vanuatu February 1995
Some Aspects of Land Administration in Indonesia: Implications for Bank Operations July 1994
Interest Rate Deregulation: A Brief Survey of the Policy Issues and the Asian Experience July 1994
Intermediate Services and Economic Development: The Malaysian Example May 1994
Sustainable Development, Environment and Poverty Nexus December 1993
Environmental Challenges in the People's Republic of China and Scope for Bank Assistance December 1993
Reforms in the Transitional Economies of Asia December 1993
Fiscal Deficits and Current Account Imbalances of the South Pacific Countries: A Case Study of Vanuatu December 1993
Rural Institutional Finance in Bangladesh and Nepal: Review and Agenda for Reforms November 1993
The Eastern Islands of Indonesia: An Overview of Development Needs and Potential January 1993
Poverty in the People's Republic of China: Recent Developments and Scope for Bank Assistance November 1992